Apricorn Tree
Red Apricorn Tree.pngYellow Apricorn Tree.pngGreen Apricorn Tree.pngBlue Apricorn Tree.pngPink Apricorn Tree.pngWhite Apricorn Tree.pngBlack Apricorn Tree.png
Biomes Any Biome
(generates on Grass Blocks only)
Grows on Grass Block
Coarse Dirt
Consists of


An apricorn tree is a type of tree that can rarely be found in any biome.

These trees are the only method of obtaining and farming apricorns.


All apricorn trees generate with a single type of apricorn, of which it will have an indeterminate amount growing on it.

Apricorn trees will rarely generate in the world on any available grass block, regardless of biome. However, in order to generate or grow, apricorn trees require a 1×1 column of 5 empty blocks.

Obtainable Items

The following items can be obtained from any variant of apricorn tree:

The following items can only be obtained from the corresponding color of apricorn tree: