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Lonely Mint.pngAdamant Mint.pngNaughty Mint.pngBrave Mint.pngBold Mint.pngImpish Mint.pngLax Mint.pngRelaxed Mint.pngModest Mint.pngMild Mint.pngRash Mint.pngQuiet Mint.pngCalm Mint.pngGentle Mint.pngCareful Mint.pngSassy Mint.pngTimid Mint.pngHasty Mint.pngJolly Mint.pngNaive Mint.pngSerious Mint.png
Lonely Mint.pngLonely Mint
Adamant Mint.pngAdamant Mint
Naughty Mint.pngNaughty Mint
Brave Mint.pngBrave Mint
Bold Mint.pngBold Mint
Impish Mint.pngImpish Mint
Lax Mint.pngLax Mint
Relaxed Mint.pngRelaxed Mint
Modest Mint.pngModest Mint
Mild Mint.pngMild Mint
Rash Mint.pngRash Mint
Quiet Mint.pngQuiet Mint
Calm Mint.pngCalm Mint
Gentle Mint.pngGentle Mint
Careful Mint.pngCareful Mint
Sassy Mint.pngSassy Mint
Timid Mint.pngTimid Mint
Hasty Mint.pngHasty Mint
Jolly Mint.pngJolly Mint
Naive Mint.pngNaive Mint
Serious Mint.pngSerious Mint
Stack Limit 64

A mint is an item crafted from mint leaves which changes the effects of a Pokémon's nature on its stats, making it act as if the Pokémon had a certain nature.


Mint plants can be found in mountain regions. All colors spawn in every biome (excluding deserts) as long as the Y is high enough and there is soil.


Mints can be used to change the effect of a Pokémon's nature on its stats to that of the nature corresponding to the mint used. For instance, using a Naive Mint on a Pikachu with a Naughty nature will change Pikachu's stats to be that of a Naive nature. The Pokémon's actual Nature, however, remains unchanged. The recipes for all 21 stat mints can be found in the mint leaves page.


Cobblemon 1.4.1
Minty Fresh Advancement "Obtain a Nature Mint, a wild crop that grows high in the mountains."
A Big Commit-mint Goal "Obtain all 6 colors of Nature Mint and gain access to a full array of natures."

List of Mints

Mint Increased stat Decreased stat
Lonely Mint.png
Lonely Mint Attack Defense
Adamant Mint.png
Adamant Mint Attack Special Attack
Naughty Mint.png
Naughty Mint Attack Special Defense
Brave Mint.png
Brave Mint Attack Speed
Bold Mint.png
Bold Mint Defense Attack
Impish Mint.png
Impish Mint Defense Special Attack
Lax Mint.png
Lax Mint Defense Special Defense
Relaxed Mint.png
Relaxed Mint Defense Speed
Modest Mint.png
Modest Mint Special Attack Attack
Mild Mint.png
Mild Mint Special Attack Defense
Rash Mint.png
Rash Mint Special Attack Special Defense
Quiet Mint.png
Quiet Mint Special Attack Speed
Calm Mint.png
Calm Mint Special Defense Attack
Gentle Mint.png
Gentle Mint Special Defense Defense
Careful Mint.png
Careful Mint Special Defense Special Attack
Sassy Mint.png
Sassy Mint Special Defense Speed
Timid Mint.png
Timid Mint Speed Attack
Hasty Mint.png
Hasty Mint Speed Defense
Jolly Mint.png
Jolly Mint Speed Special Attack
Naive Mint.png
Naive Mint Speed Special Defense
Serious Mint.png
Serious Mint