Pokémon are entities that can be found across all biomes at varying levels. They can be caught by players using Poké Balls and can be used to battle other Pokémon.


Main page: Pokémon/Spawning

Pokémon can spawn in almost every biome. Pokémon have their own spawn conditions depending on the species.


Main page: Pokémon/Drops

Pokémon may drop items after being defeated. The items that they drop depend on the species.

Shoulder Mount

Some small Pokémon have the ability to mount the player's shoulder. A select few of these can grant the user effects. A Pokémon can be placed on the player's shoulder by using the interact menu, which can be brought up by interacting with the Pokémon while sneaking.

Dex No. Pokémon Effect
0016 Pidgey Slow Falling
0025 Pikachu Speed
0041 Zubat Slow Falling
0133 Eevee
0172 Pichu Speed
0173 Cleffa
0182 Bellossom
0194 Wooper Water Breathing
0302 Sableye
0595 Joltik Haste
0868 Milcery
0869 Alcremie

Data Values

Name Identifier Key
Pokémon pokemon cobblemon.entity.pokemon