You can create a species feature assignment file if you want to assign a feature to a Pokémon or many features to many Pokémon. This is a great way to prevent issues when multiple data packs want to add their own species feature to the same species.

Be mindful of your spelling when creating one of these files for your addons. The folder it belongs in should be named species_feature_assignments. Adding an "s" to "feature" will make the folder and its files completely invalid!

This article will give some examples of species feature assignments and break down its different properties.

Species Feature Assignment Breakdown

There is only one format for the species feature assignment file. You simply list a number of Pokémon and then list a number of features that they will receive. You can list as many features or Pokémon as you like.

Here is a breakdown of the pumpkin_size feature assignment. Hover over the underlined text to see more information.

 "pokemon": ["pumpkaboo", "gourgeist"],
 "features": ["pumpkin_size"]

Species Feature Assignment Examples

This section will list a couple of examples you may use a template for your own species_feature_assignments.

  • ekans_arbok_snake_pattern
 "pokemon": ["ekans", "arbok"],
 "features": ["snake_pattern"]
  • spinda_spots
 "pokemon": ["spinda"],
 "features": ["face_spots", "face_spots2", "left_ear_spots", "right_ear_spots", "special_spots"]