Berry Tree
Oran Berry (block, stage 4).pngCheri Berry (block, stage 4).pngChesto Berry (block, stage 4).pngPecha Berry (block, stage 4).pngRawst Berry (block, stage 4).pngAspear Berry (block, stage 4).pngPersim Berry (block, stage 4).pngRazz Berry (block, stage 4).pngBluk Berry (block, stage 4).pngNanab Berry (block, stage 4).pngWepear Berry (block, stage 4).pngPinap Berry (block, stage 4).pngOcca Berry (block, stage 4).pngPassho Berry (block, stage 4).pngWacan Berry (block, stage 4).pngRindo Berry (block, stage 4).pngYache Berry (block, stage 4).pngChople Berry (block, stage 4).pngKebia Berry (block, stage 4).pngShuca Berry (block, stage 4).pngCoba Berry (block, stage 4).pngPayapa Berry (block, stage 4).pngTanga Berry (block, stage 4).pngCharti Berry (block, stage 4).pngKasib Berry (block, stage 4).pngHaban Berry (block, stage 4).pngColbur Berry (block, stage 4).pngBabiri Berry (block, stage 4).pngChilan Berry (block, stage 4).pngRoseli Berry (block, stage 4).pngLeppa Berry (block, stage 4).pngLum Berry (block, stage 4).pngFigy Berry (block, stage 4).pngWiki Berry (block, stage 4).pngMago Berry (block, stage 4).pngAguav Berry (block, stage 4).pngIapapa Berry (block, stage 4).pngSitrus Berry (block, stage 4).pngTouga Berry (block, stage 4).pngCornn Berry (block, stage 4).pngMagost Berry (block, stage 4).pngRabuta Berry (block, stage 4).pngNomel Berry (block, stage 4).pngEnigma Berry (block, stage 4).pngPomeg Berry (block, stage 4).pngKelpsy Berry (block, stage 4).pngQualot Berry (block, stage 4).pngHondew Berry (block, stage 4).pngGrepa Berry (block, stage 4).pngTamato Berry (block, stage 4).pngSpelon Berry (block, stage 4).pngPamtre Berry (block, stage 4).pngWatmel Berry (block, stage 4).pngDurin Berry (block, stage 4).pngBelue Berry (block, stage 4).pngKee Berry (block, stage 4).pngMaranga Berry (block, stage 4).pngHopo Berry (block, stage 4).pngLiechi Berry (block, stage 4).pngGanlon Berry (block, stage 4).pngSalac Berry (block, stage 4).pngPetaya Berry (block, stage 4).pngApicot Berry (block, stage 4).pngLansat Berry (block, stage 4).pngStarf Berry (block, stage 4).pngMicle Berry (block, stage 4).pngCustap Berry (block, stage 4).pngJaboca Berry (block, stage 4).pngRowap Berry (block, stage 4).png

Berry Trees are a type of plant that yields the player berries when ready to harvest. The 17 naturally spawning trees can be found in specific biomes, with villages occasionally having a Berry farm in place of a normal one.


There are 4 stages of berry trees that indicate it's age; When the plant is fully grown, it will produce flowers that eventually turn into berries. When harvested, the flowers will grow back over time (the time of which depends on the berry type).

Additionally, there are several types of mulch that can be used on berry plants at stage 0 (before they sprout) to get a variety of effects. The player can use two bonemeal on a fully mature berry plant to instantly replenish the berries.

Berry Mutating

If the player wishes to get into more advanced berry farming, they can plant certain berry trees next to each other to get mutated berries. Mutations have a 12.5% chance to take the spot of a normal berry, if conditions are met. It's important to note that berries you plan to mutate must be next to each other and not diagonal.

TEMPORARY Berry construction.png

Figy, Touga, Spelon, Tamato, Lansat, Salac Mutations

Figy Mutation.png Berry Preferred Mulch Avg. Berry Replenish
Figy Berry.png
Loamy Mulch.png
20 Minutes
Touga Berry.png
Peat Mulch.png
20 Minutes
Spelon Berry.png
Sandy Mulch.png
20 Minutes
Tamato Berry.png
Loamy Mulch.png
25 Minutes
Lansat Berry.png
Coarse Mulch.png
23 Minutes
Salac Berry.png
Sandy Mulch.png
23 Minutes

Wiki, Cornn, Pamtre, Kelpsy, Micle, Liechi Muations

Updated Mutation Graphic (Wiki).png Berry Preferred Mulch Avg. Berry Replenish
Wiki Wiki Berry.png Sandy Sandy Mulch.png 20 Minutes
Cornn Cornn Berry.png Loamy Loamy Mulch.png 20 Minutes
Pamtre Pamtre Berry.png Humid Humid Mulch.png 20 Minutes
Kelpsy Kelpsy Berry.png Coarse Coarse Mulch.png 25 Minutes
Micle Micle Berry.png Loamy Loamy Mulch.png 20 Minutes
Liechi Liechi Berry.png Humid Humid Mulch.png 23 Minutes

Mutation Tree 3: Mago

Includes: Mago, Magost, Watmel, Qualot, Custap, Ganlon

Mago Berry (model).pngMagost Berry (model).pngWatmel Berry (model).pngQualot Berry (model).pngCustap Berry (model).pngGanlon Berry (model).png Berry Preferred Mulch
Mutation graph (Mago).png Mago Berry (model).png Mago Berry Peat
Magost Berry (model).png Magost Berry Humid
Watmel Berry (model).png Watmel Berry Humid
Qualot Berry (model).png Qualot Berry Humid
Custap Berry (model).png Custap Berry Peat
Ganlon Berry (model).png Ganlon Berry Loamy

Mutation Tree 4: Aguav

Includes: Aguav, Rabuta, Durin, Hondew, Jaboca, Petaya
Aguav Berry (model).pngRabuta Berry (model).pngDurin Berry (model).pngHondew Berry (model).pngJaboca Berry (model).pngPetaya Berry (model).png Berry Preferred Mulch
Mutation graph (Aguav line).png Aguav Berry (model).png Agauv Berry Humid
Rabuta Berry (model).png Rabuta Berry Sandy
Durin Berry (model).png Durin Berry Peat
Hondew Berry (model).png Hondew Berry Sandy
Jaboca Berry (model).png Jaboca Berry Loamy
Petaya Berry (model).png Petaya Berry Sandy

Mutation Tree 5: Iapapa

Includes: Iapapa, Nomel, Belue, Grepa, Rowap, Apicot

Iapapa Berry (model).pngNomel Berry (model).pngBelue Berry (model).pngGrepa Berry (model).pngRowap Berry (model).pngApicot Berry (model).png Berry Preferred Mulch
Mutation graph (Iapapa line).png Iapapa Berry (model).png Iapapa Berry Sandy
Nomel Berry (model).png Nomel Berry Coarse
Belue Berry (model).png Belue Berry Coarse
Grepa Berry (model).png Grepa Berry Peat
Rowap Berry (model).png Rowap Berry Coarse
Apicot Berry (model).png Apicot Berry Coarse

Mutation Tree 6: Hopo

Includes: Hopo, Enigma

Hopo Berry (model).png
Mutation graph (Hopo).png
Berry Preferred Mulch
Hopo Berry (model).png Hopo Berry Coarse
Enigma Berry (model).pngEnigma Berry Peat

Mutation Tree 7: Pomeg

Includes: Maranga, Kee, Pomeg, Starf

Maranga Berry (model).pngKee Berry (model).pngPomeg Berry (model).pngStarf Berry (model).png
Mutation graph (Pomeg line).png Mutation graph (Starf).png
Berry Preferred Mulch
Maranga Berry (model).png Maranga Berry Humid
Kee Berry (model).png Kee Berry Peat
Pomeg Berry (model).png Pomeg Berry Peat
Starf Berry (model).png Starf Berry Loamy

Berries with Multiple Mutations

Lum Mutation.png Leppa mutation.png
Sitrus mutation.png Enigma mutation.png
Mulch Preferences
Lum Berry.png
Humid Mulch.png
Leppa Berry.png
Loamy Mulch.png
Sitrus Berry.png
Coarse Mulch.png
Enigma Berry.png
Peat Mulch.png

Biome Location for Natural Berries and Preferred Mulch

Berry Biome spawn tag(s) Preferred Mulch
Oran Berry (model).png Oran Berry All Biomes Peat, Loamy
Cheri Berry (model).png Cheri Berry Plains Loamy
Chesto Berry (model).png Chesto Berry Forest Peat
Pecha Berry (model).png Pecha Berry Jungle Swamp Humid
Rawst Berry (model).png Rawst Berry Arid Sandy
Aspear Berry (model).png Aspear Berry Mountain Coarse
Persim Berry (model).png Persim Berry All Biomes Sandy
Razz Berry (model).png Razz Berry Forest Peat
Bluk Berry (model).png Bluk Berry Mountain Taiga Coarse
Nanab Berry (model).png Nanab Berry Jungle Swamp Humid
Wepear Berry (model).png Wepear Berry Plains Loamy
Pinap Berry (model).png Pinap Berry Arid Sandy
Occa Berry (model).png Occa Berry Humid Sandy Thermal Volcanic Humid, Sandy
Passho Berry (model).png Passho Berry Coast Freshwater Island Ocean Humid, Sandy
Wacan Berry (model).png Wacan Berry Grassland Hills Sky Coarse, Loamy, Sandy
Rindo Berry (model).png Rindo Berry Jungle Temperate Lush Humid, Loamy, Peat
Yache Berry (model).png Yache Berry Freezing Taiga Coarse
Chople Berry (model).png Chople Berry Mountain Bamboo Taiga Coarse
Kebia Berry (model).png Kebia Berry Forest Mushroom Spooky Swamp Humid, Peat
Shuca Berry (model).png Shuca Berry Arid Grassland Loamy, Sandy
Coba Berry (model).png Coba Berry Peak Temperate Sky Loamy, Peat
Payapa Berry (model).png Payapa Berry Desert Floral Magical Savanna Spooky Loamy, Sandy
Tanga Berry (model).png Tanga Berry Forest Jungle Swamp Humid, Peat
Charti Berry (model).png Charti Berry Dripstone Mountain Sandy Volcanic Coarse, Sandy
Kasib Berry (model).png Kasib Berry Dripstone Lush Spooky Swamp Taiga Coarse, Humid
Haban Berry (model).png Haban Berry Jungle Magical Mountain Sky Volcanic Coarse, Humid
Colbur Berry (model).png Colbur Berry Badlands Spooky Taiga Coarse, Sandy
Babiri Berry (model).png Babiri Berry Bamboo Mountain Taiga Coarse
Chilan Berry (model).png Chilan Berry Temperate Grassland Loamy, Peat
Pokémon drops
Roseli Berry (model).png Roseli Berry Absol, Sableye, Deino, Scraggy, Zorua, Pancham, Impidimp, Morpeko, Nickit Loamy, Peat