Revival Herb
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Revival Herb.pngRevival Herb
Stack Limit 64

A Revival Herb is a crop that can be found growing naturally in Lush Caves. It can be used to craft certain items or used directly to fully revive a fainted Pokémon whilst reducing Friendship.


Stage 1-7 Revival Herbs will drop a single Revival Herb.
Stage 8 Revival Herbs will drop 2-3 Revival Herb.
Stage 9 Revival herbs will drop 3-4 Revival Herbs and 1-2 Pep-Up Flowers.

Natural Generation

Revival Herbs can be found growing naturally in Lush Caves.


Revival Herbs can be placed on farmland. After being placed, it goes through eight stages of growth.

When bone meal is used on a Revival Herb crop, its growth stage will increase by one.


Smelting Ingredient

Revival Herb.pngRevival Herb
Heal Powder.pngHeal Powder


Putting a Revival Herb in a Composter has a 65% chance of raising the compost level by 1.


By utilizing a bag of Surprise Mulch at Stage 0, a Stage 9 Revival Herb crop can be mutated into one of the 4 following crops; Mental Herb, Power Herb, White Herb, and Mirror Herb.

Related Items

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Pep-Up Flower.pngHeal Powder.png
Pep-Up Flower.pngPep-Up Flower
Heal Powder.pngHeal Powder
Stack Limit 64

Pep-Up Flower is a crop that can be used to craft various medicines. They are obtained randomly via Revival Herbs. It can also be placed in a Flower Pot or used to craft White Dye.

Heal Powder is a type of status condition healing medicine that cures a Pokémon of all status conditions when used.