Medicinal Leek
Medicinal Leek (block, stage 3).pngMedicinal Leek (block, stage 0).pngMedicinal Leek (block, stage 1).pngMedicinal Leek (block, stage 2).png
Medicinal Leek.pngMedicinal Leek
Stack Limit 64

A medicinal leek is a crop that can found growing on freshwater and is used to make medicinal brews.


Breaking a fully grown medicinal leek drops 2-3 medicinal leeks, while a non-fully grown one will only ever drop 1. Using a tool enchanted with fortune will cause a fully grown leek to drop more, up to a maximum of 5 leeks.

Medicinal leeks can be insta-mined with any tool or no tool.

Obtaining a medicinal leek triggers the advancement There's a Leek in the Boat!

Natural Generation

Medicinal Leeks in the wild.

Medicinal leeks can be found spawning in clusters of 4~ spread out near the shores of non-saltwater water biomes. This includes rivers, swamps, and any modded biome tagged as Freshwater.


Dex No. Pokémon Rate Quantity
0083 Farfetch'd 100% 1
0083 Farfetch'd (Galarian) 100% 1


When planted on top of water or any waterlogged block, medicinal leeks will go through 4 growth stages. Their growth rate is not affected by light or other environmental factors.

When bone meal is used on a medicinal leek, its growth stage will increase by one.


Crafting Ingredient

Medicinal Leek.pngMedicinal Leek
Magenta Dye.pngMagenta Dye
Roasted Leek.pngRoasted Leek
Baked Potato.pngBaked Potato
Leek and Potato Stew.pngLeek and Potato Stew

Smelting Ingredient

Medicinal Leek.pngMedicinal Leek
Roasted Leek.pngRoasted Leek

Brewing Ingredient

Water Bottle.pngWater Bottle
Water Bottle.pngWater Bottle
Medicinal Leek.pngMedicinal Leek
Water Bottle.pngWater Bottle
Medicinal Brew.pngMedicinal Brew


Eating a medicinal leek restores 1 hunger and 0.2 saturation.

A player can consume medicinal leeks about twice as fast as many other food items in the game, much like dried kelp.


Putting a medicinal leek in a composter has a 65% chance of raising the compost level by 1.

Related Items

Related Items
Roasted Leek.pngLeek and Potato Stew.png
Roasted Leek.pngRoasted Leek
Leek and Potato Stew.pngLeek and Potato Stew
Stack Limit

Roasted leeks and leek and potato stew are food items that can be eaten by the player and are obtained by using medicinal leeks.

A roasted leek is a fast-to-eat food item just like the medicinal leek, but it restores 3 hunger and 0.3 saturation.

Leek and potato stew is not a fast-eating food item like the other two, but it does restore 8 hunger and 0.6 saturation when eaten. The bowl that contains the stew is returned to the player's inventory afterwards.