Vivichoke Seeds
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Vivichoke Seeds.pngVivichoke Seeds
Stack Limit 64

Vivichoke seeds are items that can be used to grow vivichoke crops found through wandering traders, farmer villager trades, village houses, and certain structure's chests.



Vivichoke Seeds.png2Vivichoke Seeds


Monster rooms, Mineshafts, Jungle pyramids, Village houses, and Shipwreck supply chests may contain vivichoke seeds in stacks of 1-3.


Vivichoke seeds are sold by wandering traders and Journeyman-level farmer villagers for 24 emeralds.



Vivichoke seeds can be placed on farmland. After being placed, it goes through eight stages of growth.

When bone meal is used on a vivichoke crop, its growth stage will increase by one.

Breaking the final stage produces one vivichoke. If they are harvested early, they drop one seed without any vivichoke.


Placing vivichoke seeds into a composter has a 65% chance of raising the compost level by 1

Crafting Ingredient

Like with all seeds, vivichoke seeds can be used to craft the Miracle Seed.

Vivichoke Seeds.pngVivichoke Seeds
Vivichoke Seeds.pngVivichoke Seeds
Leaf Stone.pngLeaf Stone
Vivichoke Seeds.pngVivichoke Seeds
Vivichoke Seeds.pngVivichoke Seeds
Miracle Seed.pngMiracle Seed