Apricorn Sprout
Red Apricorn Sapling (block).pngYellow Apricorn Sapling (block).pngGreen Apricorn Sapling (block).pngBlue Apricorn Sapling (block).pngPink Apricorn Sapling (block).pngWhite Apricorn Sapling (block).pngBlack Apricorn Sapling (block).png
Red Apricorn Sprout.pngRed Apricorn Sprout
Yellow Apricorn Sprout.pngYellow Apricorn Sprout
Green Apricorn Sprout.pngGreen Apricorn Sprout
Blue Apricorn Sprout.pngBlue Apricorn Sprout
Pink Apricorn Sprout.pngPink Apricorn Sprout
White Apricorn Sprout.pngWhite Apricorn Sprout
Black Apricorn Sprout.pngBlack Apricorn Sprout
Stack Limit 64
Tool Any
Hardness 0
Blast Resistance 0
Flammable No

Apricorn sprouts are items that can be planted on dirt or grass blocks as apricorn saplings.

An apricorn sapling is the resulting block that can be grown into one of the seven types of apricorn tree.


Apricorn sprouts have a 12.5% chance to drop alongside apricorns when harvested. Apricorns can be found growing naturally on randomly generated apricorn trees.

Any of the seven types of apricorn sprouts can also be found inside village house chests.

If you choose to play with the bonus chest enabled, apricorn sprouts can be found inside.


Bonemeal can be used on a planted apricorn sapling to speed up its growth.

Putting an apricorn sprout in a composter has a 65% chance of raising the compost level by 1.


  • 1.0.0 -
    Red Apricorn Seed.png
    Yellow Apricorn Seed.png
    Green Apricorn Seed.png
    Blue Apricorn Seed.png
    Pink Apricorn Seed.png
    White Apricorn Seed.png
    Black Apricorn Seed.png
    Apricorn Seeds added.
    Apricorn Saplings prior to 1.4.
  • 1.4.0 - Apricorn Seeds renamed to Apricorn Sprouts.
    Apricorn Sprouts are now golden in color.