Damp Rock
Damp Rock.png
Damp Rock.pngDamp Rock
Stack Limit 64

A Damp Rock is a held item that extends the duration of rain when held, increasing its duration from 5 turns to 8 turns.



Heat Rock can be found within Suspicious Gravel or Suspicious Sand inside of Prehistoric Dripstone Oases, Prehistoric Enhydro Agates, Prehistoric Hydrothermal Vents, Prehistoric Lush Dens, Prehistoric Mossy Ponds, Prehistoric Mud Pits, Prehistoric Rooted Pits, Prehistoric Submerged Impacts, Prehistoric Submerged Spikes, Prehistoric Suspicious Mound, Prehistoric Underwater Fissures and Prehistoric Vibrant Hydrothermal Vent structures.


Dripstone Block.pngDripstone Block
Water Stone.pngWater Stone
Hard Stone.pngHard Stone
Dripstone Block.pngDripstone Block
Damp Rock.pngDamp Rock