Mirror Herb
Mirror Herb.png
Mirror Herb.pngWhite Herb
Stack Limit 64

A Mirror Herb is a held item that copies all of the opponent's increased stats. It will be consumed after use.


By utilizing a bag of Surprise Mulch at Stage 0, a Stage 9 Revival Herb crop can be mutated into one of the 4 following crops; Mental Herb, Power Herb, White Herb, or Mirror Herb.

Breaking a Mirror Herb crop drops 1 Mirror Herb.


A Mirror Herb copies all of the opponent's increased stats. For example, if the opponent uses Swords Dance, the Mirror Herb will activate and raise the holder's attack stage to +2 as well.

A Mirror Herb does not allow the holder to learn an egg move when in the party with a compatible Pokémon outside of battle currently (as of version 1.5.2).


Mirror Herb can be composted with a 100% chance of adding a layer.