Clever Feather.pngGenius Feather.pngHealth Feather.pngMuscle Feather.pngResist Feather.pngSwift Feather.png
Clever Feather.pngClever Feather
Genius Feather.pngGenius Feather
Health Feather.pngHealth Feather
Muscle Feather.pngMuscle Feather
Resist Feather.pngResist Feather
Swift Feather.png
Stack Limit 64
Not to be confused with the held item Fairy Feather

Feathers are items which can be used to increase one of a Pokémon's EVs by 1 point. A list describing which Feather corresponds to which EV can be found below. As of Cobblemon update 1.5.2, Feathers are only accessible through the Creative inventory or with commands.

Feather EV
Clever Feather
Clever Feather.png
Special Defense
Genius Feather
Genius Feather.png
Special Attack
Health Feather
Health Feather.png
Muscle Feather
Muscle Feather.png
Resist Feather
Resist Feather.png
Swift Feather
Swift Feather.png