Big Root
Energy Root
Big Root (block).pngEnergy Root (block).png
Big Root.pngBig Root
Energy Root.pngEnergy Root
Stack Limit 64

A Big Root is a crop that can be found growing from the ceilings of caves near the surface. It doubles as a held item that increases the health gained from draining moves by 30%.

An Energy Root is a crop that sometimes grows in place of a Big Root. It can be used to heal a Pokémon at the cost of friendship.


Breaking either type of root will always yield a single Big Root or a single Energy Root.

Both types of root can be instantly mined with any tool.

Obtaining a Big Root triggers the advancement The Root of Basic Healing.

Natural Generation

Roots in the wild.

Big Roots can be found spawning in small clusters hanging from the ceilings of caves above the deepslate layer. They can be found in any biome, and they spawn more frequently near y=62.

Energy Roots have a 1/4th chance to replace a Big Root during generation.


Big Root:

Dex No. Pokémon Rate Quantity
0050 Diglett 2.5% 1
0051 Dugtrio 5% 1
0069 Bellsprout 2.5% 1
0070 Weepinbell 5% 1
0071 Victreebel 10% 1
0114 Tangela 2.5% 1
0455 Carnivine 5% 1
0465 Tangrowth 5% 1


When planted below any stone or dirt-like block at low light levels, Big Roots have a chance to spread underneath adjacent stone or dirt-like blocks. These new roots can be harvested, and a newly spawned root has a 1/4th chance to be an energy root.

When bone meal is used on a root, it will force the root to spread and create a new one.


Crafting Ingredient

Fine Remedy.pngFine Remedy
Energy Root.pngEnergy Root
Superb Remedy.pngSuperb Remedy

Smelting Ingredient

Big Root.pngBig Root

Brewing Ingredient

Energy Root.pngEnergy Root
Super Potion.pngSuper Potion


An energy root can be used to restore 120 HP to a Pokémon at the cost of 10 Friendship.