Mental Herb
Mental Herb.png
Mental Herb.pngMental Herb
Stack Limit 64

A Mental Herb is a held item that cures the holder of infatuation and other mental effects. It will be consumed after use.


By utilizing a bag of Surprise Mulch at Stage 0, a Stage 9 Revival Herb crop can be mutated into one of the 4 following crops; Mental Herb, Power Herb, White Herb, or Mirror Herb.

Breaking a Mental Herb crop drops 1 Mental Herb.


A Mental Herb cures the holder of Infatuation, Taunt, Encore, Torment, Heal Block or Disable. If the holder is affected by any of these mental effects, the Mental Herb will activate and the mental effect will be cured.


Mental Herb can be composted with a 100% chance of adding a layer.