Type Gems
Psychic Gem.pngSteel Gem.pngPoison Gem.pngGround Gem.pngRock Gem.pngFire Gem.pngFighting Gem.pngGrass Gem.pngNormal Gem.pngFlying Gem.pngIce Gem.pngFairy Gem.pngDragon Gem.pngDark Gem.pngElectric Gem.pngGhost Gem.pngWater Gem.pngBug Gem.png
Psychic Gem.png
Steel Gem.png
Poison Gem.png
Ground Gem.png
Rock Gem.png
Fire Gem.png
Fighting Gem.png
Grass Gem.png
Normal Gem.png
Flying Gem.png
Ice Gem.png
Fairy Gem.png
Dragon Gem.png
Dark Gem.png
Electric Gem.png
Ghost Gem.png
Water Gem.png
Bug Gem.png
Stack Limit 64

Type Gems are held items which increases the power of the respective move type used by 30%. This can only activate once per battle.


Type Gems can be found in any ruin structure, both in chests and in suspicious sand and gravel.